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Iris Close Up Picture

How to take your eye pictures

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Step 1: Taking Your Iris Photos with a Digital Camera

1. Set Camera to Macro Setting.

2. Increase Resolution to 4.5M (2784 x 1568) if possible.

3. Turn on flash. For brown eyes, use a pen light or the flash of another phone and hold it in a 45 degree angle towards the eye to ensure the best lighting.

4. Use a dark room without windows like a bathroom if possible, in order to avoid additional reflections.

6. Have someone else hold the camera or use a tripod and timer.

7. Hold the upper and lower eyelids open to make your entire iris visible.

8. Hold your head on your chin and place your elbow on a table to stabilize your head.

8. Take one photo of each iris at a time.

9. Keep the eye close to the camera. On Macro Setting, you can be 4-5 inches (10-12 cm) from the lens.


Step 2: Checking Your Photos for Lighting and Clarity

1. Check the photo on the Viewfinder of your camera. Use the zoom feature to see the iris.

2. Be sure the iris is clear and in focus.

3. Be sure there is no red eye; otherwise turn on ‘red eye reduction’.

4. Be sure the entire iris is visible.

5. Be sure there is no significant glare on the iris. A white dot from the flash is normal.

6. Mark which is the left and right eye.


I you’re taking the pictures with a smartphone the same applies, but additionally also watch the following tutorial:

Unsable Image

Blurry Iris Picture

Usable Image

Clear Iris Picture
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