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  • The Holistic Wellness Program

What you will get with this program:

  • In-Depth Iridology Reading:

    • One comprehensive iridology session to assess your health and well-being, as well as personality insights through the analysis of the iris.

    • A detailed written report of the analysis.


  • Holistic Health Coaching Sessions:

    • Six personalized coaching sessions (60 Minutes each) that will cover:

      • Assessment of the present state (health concerns & other struggles)

      • Goal setting and planning stepping stones.

      • Nutrition and dietary advice.

      • Lifestyle and stress management techniques.

      • Advice for physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


  • Accountability Services:

    • Weekly check-in calls (15 minutes each) for two months.

    • Privat chat support throughout the duration of the package (maximum 4 months).

    • Progress tracking with reports to monitor advancements and adjust strategies as needed.


  • Customized Wellness Plan:

    • A personalized wellness plan created based on the insights from the iridology reading and coaching sessions.

    • Includes nutrition guidelines, a sample meal plan, recipes, a 12 week herbal protocol and empowering lifestyle habits.


  • Special Bonus:

    • A complimentary follow-up session to be used within six months after completion of the package.

    • Exclusive discounts on future services or packages for the upcoming year.

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