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About Fruitful Solution

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Let food be...

...thy medicine...

my name is Gary Meyer and I’m a certified coach for cellular regenerative detoxification, clinical iridology & herbology, originally from germany and now living in paraguay, south america. it’s my absolute passion to help and assist you to solve your health problems and / or maintain a holistically healthy and joyful life.

To heal ourselves in a holistic way we always have to address the mind, the emotions and the physical body. There is no way to separate them as they are deeply interconnected with each other. Any problem that we may experience always starts at the energetic level and spirals down to the physical. That means if we feel a physical symptom, it already made it’s way through the mind and the emotions.
In our today’s world of ever-growing sickness and dis-eases it is vital for us to take the courage to step out of our comfort zones, question everything we learned about health so far and take the responsibility for ourselves to become and / or stay healthy and in alignment with our with our true self.
Only when we truly understand where our problems originate, we will also understand how to get rid of them. 
With your inspiration and intention to claim back your true potential and my professional guidance we can achieve the best results possible for you.

If you are just starting your health journey or you are right in the middle of it and in any need of support I am offering different services to assist you on your path in the best way possible.

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