Louie Munro-Michell


After receiving my iris reading I was genuinely shocked at the accuracy. There were a few concerns I was aware of and a few I wasn't surprised with. Have started on the recommended advice and looking forward to seeing the outcome.

Julian Gerbig


I can highly recommend booking the iridology analysis with Gary. The analysis was absolutely on point as I recognized some known issues/sypmtoms on the pdf report. It comes with a herb and lifestyle recommendation. Gary was absolutely kind and it was such a pleasure to get to know him. Also from the posts and his videos I can say that he knows his stuff and is absolutely truthful.

Lotta Toftén


I received an energy healing from Gary and immediately felt how much easier I could breath and how warm and open my heart felt. Thank you.

Tina Plain


The distant energy healing session I just received from Gary was very intense and I felt a lot of energy flowing through my body. Before we began he asked me about my intention and after we talked about our experiences we made. I felt well taken care of. Thank you!

Youri Cintamani


It was beautiful to receive a distant healing session. As I felt it supportive to have the caring presence, together to witness what's moving. I felt lighter and clearer after the session.

Jeanne Costopoulos


Gary is very knowledgeable and is highly qualified to help you get and stay healthy.

Shari Gittleman


Wonderful health and nutrtion coach and VERY caring. Follows up to make sure you're doing OK and answer any questions. I love Gary and his caring spirit.

Miqel Thiriaux


The best coach ever! Helped me a lot with my health and wellbeing! Don't hesitate, just do it!

Rupesh Shah


Best coach and knowledge preach and practice what he says could not ask for anyone better.

Tropical Leaves