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What is Regenerative Detoxification?

When we are living a very acidic lifestyle, our body responds to it with the production of a lot of mucus to protect itself from these harmful chemicals and encapsulating them with it. This starts to create congestion and obstructions in the specific tissue of the body, which over time becomes layered like an onion. This layering of congestion starts when are first hooked into our mother's uterus.

Our body, being the healer of itself, attempts to eliminate these congestive areas through fevers, cold and flu-like symptoms, coughing, bronchitis, sore throats, pneumonia etc. These types of symptoms, where we dispel various colors of mucus, simply indicate that our body is cleaning itself out. This is the detoxification process.

Our body always uses detoxification to clean itself, we just have to let it do it's work without interfering, for example by living an acidic lifestyle or taking suppressing medicinal drugs, which would stop the cleansing process and thus storing these congestions deeper into our tissue. We rather need to support the body in this process with fresh, raw and organic fruits, veggies and herbs that provide an abundance of nutrition, water and cleansing properties to alkalize, hydrate, cleanse and strengthen the system, so that we feel better quickly and really get rid of the root cause of all the problem, which are the obstructions of blood, nerve and lymph as they are blocking the life energy to and from the cells which in turn cause cellular dysfunctions or so called dis-eases.

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