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Gary Meyer, Holistic Health Coach & Iridologist

Gary Meyer

Hi, I'm Gary Meyer, a certified integrated iridologist and a dedicated holistic wellness consultant.

My passion lies in guiding people on their journey towards vibrant health and well-being through natural and holistic approaches, including iridology, a predominantly raw and fruit based diet, herbology and empowering mental exercises.

If you're seeking a path to overcome your ailments and embrace a healthier lifestyle, I invite you to book a free Clear Vision Call with me to find out if I am the right fit to support you on your path to optimal wellness. 


Open your eyes to your health via iridology - the worlds most insightful, holistic and non - invasive body and mind analysis.

Learn about:

How to live the healthiest version of yourself based on your inherent genetic blueprint

Which organs, glands & body tissues are in need of support and how to do so in the most effective way

Potential nutritional deficiencies

Emotional & personality patterns that could hinder you from living your full potential

Fresh Fruit Juice
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Integrated Wellness Coaching

Our personalized detox and wellness programs contain the use of a predominantly raw and whole food diet, juice cleansing, natures powerful herbs and specific mindful practices that are optimized for you to achieve your health and wellness goals in the most efficient and holistic way. 

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Iris B

Gary has been an incredible help to both me and my husband. He is so well informed and was able to answer every question we had about our journey towards better health. His iridology readings were very specific, and his explanations were easy to understand. I could tell how passionate Gary is, and how much he truly cares that everyone gets to live with optimal health. My husband has type 2 diabetes and his blood sugar has dramatically dropped through following Gary’s detox protocol! He was so kind and patient with us, and even kept in touch after our sessions to see how we are doing. He is amazing! I recommend him 100%!!!
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